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Paragraphs in "International Convention For The Conservation Of Atlantic Tunas" coded as SECS

Label Provision
Art.7 Article VII
Art.7.1x The Commission shall appoint an Executive Secretary who shall serve at the pleasure of the Commission. The Executive Secretary, subject to such rules and procedures as may be determined by the Commission, shall have authority with respect to the selection and administration of the staff of the Commission. He shall also perform, inter alia, the following functions as the Commission may prescribe:
Art.7.1x.a a) co-ordinating the programmes of investigation by the Contracting Parties;
Art.7.1x.b b) preparing budget estimates for review by the Commission;
Art.7.1x.c c) authorising the disbursement of funds in accordance with the Commission's budget;
Art.7.1x.d d) accounting for the funds of the Commission;
Art.7.1x.e e) arranging for co-operation with the organizations referred to in Article XI of this Convention;
Art.7.1x.f f) preparing the collection and analysis of data necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Convention particularly those data relating to the current and maximum sustainable catch of tuna stocks;
Art.7.1x.g g) preparing for approval by the Commission scientific, administrative and other reports of the Commission and its subsidiary bodies.