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Paragraphs in "Agreement Concerning The Niger River Commission And The Navigation And Transport On The River Niger" coded as INFO

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Art.2.1x.c c) to collect, evaluate and disseminate basic data on the whole of the basin, to examine the projects prepared by the riparian States, and to recommend to the Governments of the riparian States plans for common studies and works for the judicious utilization and development of the resources of the basin.
Art.2.1x.d d) to follow the progress of the execution of studies and works in the basin and to keep the riparian States informed, at least once a year thereon, through systematic and periodic reports which each State shall submit to it.
Art.12.1x In order to achieve maximum co-operation in connection with the matters mentioned in Article 4 of the Act of Niamey, the riparian States undertake to inform the Commission as provided for in Chapter I of the present Agreement, at the earliest stage, of all studies and works upon which they propose to embark. They undertake further to abstain from carrying out on the portion of the River, its tributaries and sub-tributaries subject to their jurisdiction any works likely to pollute the waters, or any modification likely to affect biological characteristics of its fauna and flora, without adequate notice to, and prior consultation with, the Commission.