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Paragraphs in "Agreement Concerning The Niger River Commission And The Navigation And Transport On The River Niger" coded as RELA

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Pre.2 Having adopted at the Conference of the Riparian States of the River Niger, its tributaries and sub-tributaries, held at Niamey from the 24th to the 26th October, 1963, an Act regarding the navigation and economic co-operation between the States of the River Niger Basin,
Pre.3 Desirous of giving effect to Article 5 of the said Act, by which they have undertaken to establish an Inter-Governmental Organization entrusted with the fostering, the promotion and the co-ordination of studies and programmes relating to the utilization and development of the resources of the River Niger Basin,
Art.1.1x There shall be established an Inter-Governmental Organization as mentioned in Article 5 of the Act of Niamey of October 26, 1963, which shall be called River Niger Commission.
Art.2.1x.a a) prepare General Regulations which will permit the full application of the principles set forth in the Act of Niamey, and to ensure their effective application.
Art.2.1x.h h) generally, to supervise the implementation of the provisions of the Act of Niamey and the present Agreement.
Art.11.1x The Commission shall have for all purposes the status of an international organization. The Commissioners and the Administrative Secretary shall be accorded diplomatic privileges and immunities by the riparian States. The other staff of the Commission shall be accorded such privileges and immunities as are accorded to officials of the Organization of African Unity of equivalent status.
Art.12.1x In order to achieve maximum co-operation in connection with the matters mentioned in Article 4 of the Act of Niamey, the riparian States undertake to inform the Commission as provided for in Chapter I of the present Agreement, at the earliest stage, of all studies and works upon which they propose to embark. They undertake further to abstain from carrying out on the portion of the River, its tributaries and sub-tributaries subject to their jurisdiction any works likely to pollute the waters, or any modification likely to affect biological characteristics of its fauna and flora, without adequate notice to, and prior consultation with, the Commission.
Art.16.1x This Agreement shall form an integral part of the Act of Niamey, and shall enter into force immediately after its ratification by all the signatory States. The instruments of ratification shall be deposited with the Government of the Republic of Niger who shall notify the deposit of these instruments to each riparian State.
Art.17.1x The Act of Niamey together with this Agreement may be denounced by any one of the riparian States after the expiration of a period often years from the date of its coming into force. Denunciation shall take the form of a written notice addressed to the Government of the Republic of Niger who shall acknowledge its receipt and shall inform the other contracting States and the Administrative Secretary of the Commission. It shall take effect one year from the date of acknowledgement of its receipt, if not withdrawn earlier. In the absence of agreement to the contrary it shall not affect obligations relating to any program of studies and works agreed to before such denunciation.
Art.19.1x Upon the coming into force of the present Agreement, the Government of the Republic of Niger shall register it in accordance with Article 102 of the United Nations Charter.
Conc.2 DONE at Niamey on the 25th day of November, 1964, one copy in English and one in French to be deposited in the archives of the Government of the Republic of Niger and certified copies thereof to be sent to each signatory State, and one copy to be deposited with the Secretariat of the Organization of African Unity and one with the Secretariat of the United Nations.