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Paragraphs in "Indus Basin Development Fund (Supplemental) Agreement" coded as SOVR

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Art.1.1 Section 1.01. The arrangements set out in this Agreement are accepted by Pakistan and by the other Parties hereto as a full and complete discharge of all obligations, whether legal or moral, expressed or implied, of the said other Parties under the 1960 Agreement.
Art.1.2 Section 1.02. To the extent that the following provisions of this Agreement are inconsistent with the provisions of the 1960 Agreement the provisions hereof shall prevail and the 1960 Agreement shall henceforth be read and construed as having been modified and superseded by the provisions of this Agreement, but shall in all other respects remain in full force and effect.
Art.7.1 Section 7.01. This Agreement may be cited as "The Indus Basin Development Fund (Supplemental) Agreement, 1964".