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Paragraphs in "Act Regarding Navigation And Economic Cooperation Between The States Of The Niger Basin" coded as DESCR

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Pre.1 The Federal Republic of Cameroon, the Republic of Chad, the Republic of Dahomey, the Republic of Guinea, the Republic of the Ivory Coast, the Republic of Mali, the Republic of Niger, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Upper Volta,
Pre.2 CONSIDERING their attainment of independence and the need for regulating by new agreement the question of the utilisation of the River Niger, its tributaries and sub-tributaries of which they are the riparian States;
Pre.3 DESIROUS of developing close co-operation for the judicious exploitation of the resources of the River Niger basin as well as to guarantee the freedom of navigation on the River, its tributaries and sub-tributaries and to ensure equality of treatment to those who use it;
Pre.4 CONSIDERING that, in the wake of technical progress, several of the riparian States have already drawn up plans for hydraulic developments such as irrigation, water supply, hydro-electric installations, civil works, soil and river basin improvement, and also plans for dealing with the problems of water pollution, exploitation of fishery resources, the improvement of agricultural practices and industrial development of the basin;
Pre.5 CONSIDERING that the schemes planned in each State are likely to affect the regime of the River and the use of its water by other riparian States;
Pre.6 CONSIDERING the need to establish a joint institution to increase co-operation amongst the States interested in common projects concerned with the basin of the River Niger and to ensure the maintenance and application of the agreed major principles;
Pre.7 SOLEMNLY AFFIRM the following principles which will govern the measures of co-operation for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the present Act and declare that: