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Paragraphs in "Nordic Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement In Connection With Radiation Accidents" coded as CONS

Label Provision
Art.10 ARTICLE X: Termination of Assistance
Art.10.1 1. The Requesting State may at any time in writing request the termination of the assistance provided under this Agreement.
Art.10.2 2. An Assisting Party may, after having given written notice, terminate its assistance if:
Art.10.2.a a. In its opinion such assistance is no longer needed by the Requesting State.
Art.10.2.b b. Its domestic needs so require.
Art.10.2.c c. The Requesting State fails to observe the terms of this Agreement.
Art.10.3 3. Upon such request for, or notice of, termination the Requesting State and the Assisting Party shall consult together with a view to concluding any operations in progress at the time of such termination and facilitating withdrawal of the assistance.