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Paragraphs in "Nordic Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement In Connection With Radiation Accidents" coded as RELA

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Pre.1 The Contracting Parties, desiring to assist each other to the extent possible in the event of an incident involving damage from ionizing radiation, and desiring to establish in advance the terms upon which a Contracting State requesting assistance (hereinafter referred to as the "Requesting State") may use the assistance provided by another Contracting State or by the International Atomic Energy Agency (hereinafter referred to as the "Assisting Party"), have agreed as follows:
Art.2.1 1. The International Atomic Energy Agency shall, at the request of and in consultation with the Requesting State:
Art.2.2 2. At any time after he has been notified by a Contracting State of the existence of an emergency within its territory, the Director General of the Agency may designate, in consultation with that State, an observer, who may enter its territory for the purpose of investigating the nature and extent of the emergency and reporting to him thereon. The Director General may, in addition, authorize such person to act as his representative.
Art.6.1x The Requesting State shall afford, in relation to the assistance, the necessary facilities, privileges and immunities with a view to securing the expeditious performance of functions under this Agreement. In relation to assistance provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Requesting State shall apply the Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the Agency.
Art.9.1x Any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement which is not settled by negotiation shall, at the request of any party to the dispute, be settled by arbitration, or, if the parties do not agree upon the constitution of an arbitral tribunal within three months after the request for arbitration was made, by the International Court of Justice.
Art.11.1x.b b. signature with reservation in respect of ratification, followed by ratification, on behalf of two States and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Instruments of ratification shall be deposited with the Director General of the Agency.
Conc.1 DONE in Vienna, this 17th day of October 1963, in a single copy in English, which shall be deposited in the archives of the International Atomic Energy Agency, whose Director General shall send a certified copy hereof to each Contracting State.