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Paragraphs in "Agreement Concerning Cooperation In The Quarantine Of Plants And Their Protection Against Pests And Diseases" coded as NATBF

Label Provision
Art.6 Article VI
Art.6.1x The Contracting Parties undertake to apply measures to prevent the introduction from one country into another, in exported consignments of goods or by any other means, of quarantinable plant pests and diseases and weeds specified in lists to be drawn up by agreement between the parties concerned.
Art.6.1x.ax To this end the Contracting Parties undertake:
Art.6.1x.ax.ix To carry out the necessary measures in the areas adjoining their respective frontiers for the eradication of quarantinable plant pests and diseases and weeds by means of chemical, biological, agro-technical and all other methods;
Art.6.1x.ax.iix To establish in their territories specific frontier posts through which consignments of vegetable origin may be imported or exported and to equip the said frontier posts with disinfestation chambers for the disinfection of consignments and with means for carrying out analyses of samples of consignments with a view to testing them for infection by quarantinable plant pests and diseases and weeds;
Art.6.1x.ax.iiix To carry out careful quarantine inspections of consignments of vegetable origin exported from one country to another and of means of transport and to furnish consignments with quarantine certificates issued by the State plant quarantine and protection services of the exporting country attesting their freedom from infection by quarantinable plant pests and diseases and weeds.
Art.6.1x.ax.ivx To avoid the use of straw, leaves and other waste products of agricultural plants as packing material and to substitute for them sawdust, wood shavings, moss and other packing materials, according to the conditions prevailing in the exporting country. In the event of absolute necessity, it shall be permissible to use straw and leaves, after disinfection, as packing material.