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Paragraphs in "Convention Concerning Fishing In The Black Sea" coded as HOBS

Label Provision
Art.8 Article 8
Art.8.1x With a view to working out and co-ordinating measures for the application of this Convention, a Mixed Commission shall be established.
Art.8.2x Within one month after the entry into force of the Convention, each Contracting Party shall appoint one representative to the said Commission and shall communicate the name of its representative to the other Contracting Parties.
Art.8.3x The Mixed Commission shall meet at least once a year in the territory of each of the Contracting Parties in turn.
Art.8.4x The Mixed Commission shall function under a statute drafted by it at its first meeting and approved by the Contracting Parties.
Art.10 Article 10
Art.10.1x The Mixed Commission shall make recommendations to the Contracting Parties on the matters referred to in article 9 with the exception of paragraph 2 of that article, on which the Commission may take decisions.
Art.10.2x Recommendations and decisions shall be deemed to be adopted by the Mixed Commission if they receive the favourable votes of the representatives of all the Contracting Parties.