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Paragraphs in "Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Convention" coded as SECS

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Art.3 Article 3
Art.3.1 1. A North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) is hereby established and shall be maintained for the purposes of this Convention.
Art.3.2 2. Each Contracting State may appoint as its Delegation to the Commission not more than two Commissioners and such experts and advisors to assist them as that State may determine.
Art.3.3 3. The Commission shall elect its own President and not more than two Vice-Presidents who need not be chosen from the Commissioners or their experts or advisers. If a member of a Delegation has been elected President he shall forthwith cease to act as a member of that Delegation, and if a Commissioner has been elected the State concerned shall have the right to appoint another person to serve in his place.
Art.3.4 4. The Office of the Commission shall be in London.
Art.3.5 5. Except where the Commission determines otherwise, it shall meet once a year in London at such time as it shall decide: provided, however, that upon the request of a Commissioner of a Contracting State, the President shall, as soon as practicable, summon a meeting at such time and place as he may determine.
Art.3.6 6. The Commission shall appoint its own Secretary and may from time to time appoint such other staff as it may require.
Art.3.7 7. The Commission may set up such Committees as it considers desirable to perform such functions as it may determine.
Art.3.8 8. Each Delegation shall have one vote in the Commission which may be cast only by a Commissioner of the State concerned. Decisions shall be taken by a simple majority except where otherwise specifically provided. If there is an even division of votes on any matter which is subject to a simple majority decision, the proposal shall be regarded as rejected.
Art.3.9 9. Subject to the provisions of this Article, the Commission shall draw up its own Rules of Procedure, including provisions for the election of the President and Vice-Presidents and their terms of office.
Art.3.10 10. The Government of the United Kingdom shall call the first meeting of the Commission as soon as practicable after the coming into force of this Convention, and shall communicate the provisional agenda to each of the other Contracting States not less than two months before the date of the meeting.
Art.3.11 11. Reports of the proceedings of the Commission shall be transmitted and proposals and recommendations shall be notified as soon as possible to all Contracting States in English and in French.