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Paragraphs in "Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Convention" coded as SOVR

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Art.2.1x Nothing in this Convention shall be deemed to affect the rights, claims, or views of any Contracting State in regard to the extent of jurisdiction over fisheries.
Art.13.1 1. Without prejudice to the sovereign rights of States in regard to their territorial and internal waters, each Contracting State shall take in its territories and in regard to its own nationals and its own vessels appropriate measures to ensure the application of the provisions of this Convention and of the recommendations of the Commission which have become binding on that Contracting State and the punishment of infractions of the said provisions and recommendations.
Art.16.2 2. The provisions of the Convention for the Regulation of the Meshes of Fishing Nets and the Size Limits of Fish signed at London on 5 April 1949, shall, save as provided in paragraph (1) of this Article, cease to apply to each Contracting State to this Convention as from the date of the entry into force of this Convention in respect of that State.