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Paragraphs in "Convention Concerning Fishing In The Waters Of The Danube" coded as ATTACH

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Art.4.1x The Contracting Parties agree to put into effect and apply on their own sections of the Danube and on the waters referred to in article 3, simultaneously with the entry into force of this Convention, the Regulations for Fishing in the River Danube which are annexed to and form an integral part of this Convention.
Art.12.1x.2 2. To present proposals to the Contracting Parties with a view to amending or supplementing the Regulations for Fishing in the River Danube and to take decisions on questions which it is authorized under the said Fishing Regulations to resolve;
Art.14.1x This Convention shall not impede the conclusion of bilateral agreements on matters relating to fishing in the Danube between any two Contracting Parties or between a Contracting Party and any other Danubian State, provided that such agreements do not conflict with the interests of the conservation of stocks of fish or with the Fishing Regulations laid down by this Convention.