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Paragraphs in "Convention Concerning Fishing In The Waters Of The Danube" coded as INFO

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Art.8.1x In the interests of rational fishing and in order to ensure the normal breeding and conservation of economically valuable species of fish, the Contracting Parties shall communicate to one another, in good time, information on the catches and migratory movementsof fish in all waters to which this Convention applies.
Art.11.1x With a view to working out and co-ordinating measures for the application of this Convention, a Mixed Commission shall be established. Each Contracting Party shall appoint two representatives to the said Commission within three months after the entry into force of this Convention. The Governments of the Contracting Parties shall communicate to one another through the diplomatic channel the names of their representatives on the Commission.
Art.12.1x.3 3. To organize the exchange of information among the Contracting Parties concerning the implementation of this Convention;