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Paragraphs in "Interim Convention On Conservation Of North Pacific Fur Seals" coded as HOBF

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Art.5 Article V
Art.5.1 1. The Parties agree to establish the North Pacific Fur Seal Commission to be composed of one member from each Party.
Art.5.2 2. The duties of the Commission shall be to:
Art.5.2.a a) formulate and co-ordinate research programs designed to achieve the objectives set forth in Article II, paragraph 1;
Art.5.2.b b) recommend these co-ordinated research programs to the respective Parties for implementation;
Art.5.2.c c) study the data obtained from the implementation of such co-ordinated research programs;
Art.5.2.d d) recommend appropriate measures to the Parties on the basis of the findings obtained from the implementation of such coordinated research programmes, including measures regarding the size and the sex and age composition of the seasonal commercial kill from a herd and regarding a reduction or suspension of the harvest of seals on any island or group of islands in case the total number of seals on that island or group of islands falls below the level of maximum sustainable productivity; provided, however, that due consideration be given to the subsistence needs of Indians, Ainos, Aleuts, or Eskimos who live on the islands where fur seals breed, when it is not possible to provide sufficient seal meat for such persons from the seasonal commercial harvest or research activities; and
Art.5.2.e e) study whether or not pelagic sealing in conjunction with land sealing could be permitted in certain circumstances without adversely affecting achievement of the objectives of this Convention, and make recommendations thereon to the Parties at the end of the twenty-first year after entry into force of the Convention.
Art.5.3 3. In addition to the duties specified in paragraph 2 of this Article, the Commission shall, subject to Article II, paragraph 3, determine from time to time the number of seals to be marked on the rookery islands, and the total number of seals which shall be taken at sea for research purposes, the times at which such seals shall be taken and the areas in which they shall be taken, as well as the number to be taken by each Party, taking into account any recommendations made pursuant to Article V, paragraph 2(d).
Art.5.4 4. Each Party shall have one vote. Decisions and recommendations shall be made by unanimous vote. With respect to any recommendations regarding the size and the sex and age composition of the seasonal commercial kill from a herd, only those Parties sharing in the seal-skins from that herd under the provisions of Article IX, paragraph 1 shall vote.
Art.5.5 5. The Commission shall elect from its members a Chairman and other necessary officials and shall adopt rules of procedure for the conduct of its work.
Art.5.6 6. The Commission shall hold an annual meeting at such time and place as it may decide. Additional meetings shall be held when requested by two or more members of the Commission.
Art.5.7 7. The expenses of each member of the Commission shall be paid by his own Government. Such joint expenses as may be incurred by the Commission shall be defrayed by the Parties by equal contributions. Each Party shall also contribute to the Commission annually an amount equivalent to the value of the sealskins it confiscates under the provisions of Article VI, paragraph 5.
Art.5.8 8. The Commission shall submit an annual report of its activities to the Parties.
Art.5.9 9. The Commission may from time to time make recommendations to the Parties on any matter which relates to the fur seal resources or to the administration of the Commission.