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Paragraphs in "Interim Convention On Conservation Of North Pacific Fur Seals" coded as INFO

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Art.2.4 4. Each Party agrees to provide the Commission annually with information on:
Art.2.4.a a) number of black pups tagged for each breeding area;
Art.2.4.b b) number of fur seals, by sex and estimated age, taken at sea and on each breeding area; and
Art.2.4.c c) tagged seals recovered on land and at sea;
Art.2.4.dx And, so far as is practicable, other information pertinent to scientific research which the Commission may request.
Art.2.6 6. The Parties agree to use for the scientific pelagic research provided for in this Article only government-owned or government-chartered vessels operating under strict control of their respective authorities. Each Party shall communicate to the other Parties the names and descriptions of vessels which are to be used for pelagic research.
Art.5.8 8. The Commission shall submit an annual report of its activities to the Parties.