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Paragraphs in "Interim Convention On Conservation Of North Pacific Fur Seals" coded as SOVR

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Art.1.3 3. Nothing in this Convention shall be deemed to affect in any way the position of the Parties in regard to the limits of territorial waters or to the jurisdiction over fisheries.
Art.5.2.d d) recommend appropriate measures to the Parties on the basis of the findings obtained from the implementation of such coordinated research programmes, including measures regarding the size and the sex and age composition of the seasonal commercial kill from a herd and regarding a reduction or suspension of the harvest of seals on any island or group of islands in case the total number of seals on that island or group of islands falls below the level of maximum sustainable productivity; provided, however, that due consideration be given to the subsistence needs of Indians, Ainos, Aleuts, or Eskimos who live on the islands where fur seals breed, when it is not possible to provide sufficient seal meat for such persons from the seasonal commercial harvest or research activities; and
Art.7.1x The provisions of this Convention shall not apply to Indians, Ainos, Aleuts, or Eskimos dwelling on the coast of the waters mentioned in Article III, who carry on pelagic sealing in canoes not transported by or used in connection with other vessels, and propelled entirely by oars, paddles, or sails, and manned by not more than five persons each, in the way hitherto practiced and without the use of firearms; provided that such hunters are not in the employment of other persons or under contract to deliver the skins to any person.