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Paragraphs in "Phytosanitary Convention For Africa South Of The Sahara" coded as FINAD

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Art.10 Article 10
Art.10.a (a) Each Participating Government shall contribute towards the cost of the Secretariat of the Commission and towards the cost of the work carried out by the Institutes referred to in Article 9 of the present Convention pursuant to the agreement to be concluded between the Executive Council of the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux and the Commission.
Art.10.b (b) The total annual cost, which shall be contributed by the Participating Governments, is fixed at £5,000 until such time as they otherwise agree. The Government of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and any Government which accedes to this Convention under Article 11 shall contribute one-half of the amount contributed by each of the other Participating Governments which shall contribute in equal parts.
Art.10.c (c) Payment shall be made to the account of the Commission in London. The first payment shall be made within one month of the date of entry into force of the present Convention by those Governments which have, at that date, already deposited their instruments of ratification, and within one month of the date of the deposit of the instrument of ratification or notification of accession by those Governments which subsequently ratify or accede to the Convention. Subsequent payments shall be made on the corresponding date in each succeeding year.
Art.14 Article 14
Art.14.1x If at any time at least half of the Participating Governments have denounced this Convention in accordance with Article 13 of the present Convention, the Commission shall be dissolved, the records shall be lodged at the Common-wealth Institute of Entomology, and the funds shall be divided pro rata according to their annual contributions between such remaining Participating Governments as have made all annual contributions due under Article 10 (b) of the present Convention.