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Paragraphs in "Phytosanitary Convention For Africa South Of The Sahara" coded as HOBS

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Art.2 Article 2
Art.2.a (a) There shall be set up a permanent commission (hereinafter referred to as "the Commission"), to be known as the Inter-African Phyto-Sanitary Commission on which each of the Participating Governments shall be represented and shall exercise one vote.
Art.2.b (b) The Commission shall determine its own procedure by a majority vote.
Art.2.c (c) The Commission shall seek such information and shall recommend such action as will lead to the fulfilment of the objects of the present Convention.
Art.2.d (d) The Commission shall meet at least once a year and at other times when requested so to do by any two of the Participating Governments.
Art.2.e (e) Any proposal supported by the votes of not less than two-thirds of the Participating Governments shall be deemed to be carried. Such votes shall be given at a meeting of the Commission or shall be communicated in writing when a proposal has been submitted to the Participating Governments other than at a meeting.