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Paragraphs in "International Convention For The High Seas Fisheries Of The North Pacific Ocean" coded as FINAD

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Art.2 Article II
Art.2.1 1. In order to realize the objectives of this Convention, the Contracting Parties shall establish and maintain the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission, hereinafter referred to as "the Commission."
Art.2.2 2. The Commission shall be composed of three national sections, each consisting of not more than four members appointed by the governments of the respective Contracting Parties.
Art.2.3 3. Each national section shall have one vote. All resolutions, recommendations and other decisions of the Commission shall be made only by a unanimous vote of the three national sections except when under the provisions of article III, section I (c) (ii) only two participate.
Art.2.4 4. The Commission may decide upon and amend, as occasion may require, by-laws or rules for the conduct of its meetings.
Art.2.5 5. The Commission shall meet at least once each year and at such other times as may be requested by a majority of the national sections. The date and place of the first meeting shall be determined by agreement between the Contracting Parties.
Art.2.6 6. At its first meeting the Commission shall select a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary from different national sections. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary shall hold office for a period of one year. During succeeding years selection of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary from the national sections shall be made in such a manner as will provide each Contracting Party in turn with representation in those offices.
Art.2.7 7. The Commission shall decide on a convenient place for the establishment of the Commission's headquarters.
Art.2.8 8. Each Contracting Party may establish an Advisory Committee for its national section to be composed of persons who shall be well informed concerning North Pacific fishery problems of common concern. Each such Advisory Committee shall be invited to attend all sessions of the Commission except those which the Commission decides to be in camera.
Art.2.9 9. The Commission may hold public hearings. Each national section may also hold public hearings within its own country.
Art.2.10 10. The official languages of the Commission shall be Japanese and English. Proposals and data may be submitted to the Commission in either language .
Art.2.11 11. Each Contracting Party shall determine and pay the expenses incurred by its national section. Joint expenses incurred by the Commission shall be paid by the Commission through contributions made by the Contracting Parties in the form and proportion recommended by the Commission and approved by the Contracting Parties.
Art.2.12 12. An annual budget of joint expenses shall be recommended by the Commission and submitted to the Contracting Parties for approval.
Art.2.13 13. The Commission shall authorize the disbursement of funds for the joint expenses of the Commission and may employ personnel and acquire facilities necessary for the performance of its functions.