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Paragraphs in "Convention For The Regulation Of The Meshes Of Fishing Nets And The Size Limits Of Fish" coded as IMPL

Label Provision
Art.9 Article 9
Art.9.1x Subject to the provisions of Annex III to this Convention, each Contracting Government undertakes to prohibit by regulations the landing, sale, exposure or offer for sale, in its territories of any sea fish of the descriptions set out in Annex II to this Convention which are of a less size than the size prescribed therein for each fish and have been caught in the waters defined in Article 1 of this Convention, whether such fish are whole or have had their heads or any other part removed.
Art.11 Article 11
Art.11.1x The Contracting Governments agree to take, in their territories and in regard to their vessels, to which this Convention applies, appropriate measures to ensure the application of the provisions of this Convention and the punishment of infractions of the said provisions.