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Paragraphs in "Constitution Of The Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations" coded as DEFN

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Art.1 Article I Functions of the Organization
Art.1.1 1. The Organization shall collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate information relating to nutrition, food and agriculture. In this Constitution, the term "agriculture" and its derivatives include fisheries, marine products, forestry and primary forestry products.
Art.1.2 2. The Organization shall promote and, where appropriate, shall recommend national and international action with respect to: scientific, technological, social and economic research relating to nutrition, food and agriculture; the improvement of education and administration relating to nutrition, food and agriculture, and the spread of public knowledge of nutritional and agricultural science and practice; the conservation of natural resources and the adoption of improved methods of agricultural production; the improvement of the processing, marketing and distribution of food and agricultural products; the adoption of policies for the provision of adequate agricultural credit, national and international; the adoption of international policies with respect to agricultural commodity arrangements.
Art.1.3 3. It shall also be the function of the Organization: to furnish such technical assistance as governments may request; to organize, in cooperation with the governments concerned, such missions as may be needed to assist them to fulfill the obligation arising from their acceptance of the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on Food and Agriculture and of this Constitution; and generally to take all necessary and appropriate action to implement the purposes of the Organization as set forth in the Preamble.