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Paragraphs in "International Convention For The Campaign Against Contagious Diseases Of Animals " coded as IMPL

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Art.1 Article 1
Art.1.0x The High Contracting Parties undertake to enact the necessary legislation and take the necessary administrative measures for ensuring joint and effective action against the appearance and spread of contagious diseases of animals.
Art.1.1x These measures should more particularly provide for:
Art.1.1x.1 1) Control over farm animals and over establishments which are of special importance in the campaign against animal diseases, such as slaughter-houses, knackers' yards, cattle and meat markets, fattening establishments, dairies, the stables of inns, traders and relay stations, establishments utilising animal products; supervision over the production of and trade in sera, viruses and microbe cultures, whether attenuated or not, and biological diagnostic products; supervision over the means of transport and of loading and unloading places and quarantine stations;
Art.1.1x.2 2) The discovery of any outbreak of contagious disease of animals, together with an indication of the areas infected;
Art.1.1x.3 3) The methods of preventing and dealing with contagious diseases of animals;
Art.1.1x.4 4) The regulation of transport in all its forms, and particularly with a view to the disinfection of vehicles;
Art.1.1x.5 5) The penalties to be imposed in the event of an infringement of the measures enacted.