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Paragraphs in "Convention Relative To The Preservation Of Fauna And Flora In Their Natural State" coded as SOVR

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Art.8.2 2. No hunting or other rights already possessed by native chiefs or tribes or any other persons or bodies, by treaty, concession, or specific agreement or by administrative permission in those areas in which such rights have already been definitely recognised by the authorities of the territory, are to be considered as being in any way prejudiced by the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
Art.8.5 5. Nothing in the present article shall (i) prejudice any right which may exist under the local law of any territory to kill animals without a licence in defence of life or property, or (ii) affect the right of the authorities of the territory to permit the hunting, killing, or capturing of any species (a) in time of famine, (b) for the protection of human life, public health, or domestic stock, (c) for any requirement relating to public order.
Art.9.7 7. No rights of the kind specified in paragraph 2 of article 8 are to be considered as being prejudiced by the provisions of the preceding paragraphs.
Art.10.1 1. The use of motor vehicles or aircraft (including aircraft lighter than air) shall be prohibited in the territories of the Contracting Governments, both (i) for the purpose of hunting, killing, or capturing animals, and (ii) in such manner as to drive, stampede, or disturb them for any purpose whatsoever, including that of filming or photographing, provided, however, that nothing in the present paragraph shall affect the right of occupiers in respect of land occupied by them, or of Governments in respect of land utilised for public purposes, to use motor vehicles or aircraft for the purpose of driving away, capturing or destroying animals found on such land in all cases where such ejection, capture or destruction is not prohibited by any other provision of the present Convention.