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Paragraphs in "Convention Between Denmark, Norway And Sweden Concerning The Preservation Of Plaice In The Skagerak, Kattegat And Sound" coded as SUBS

Label Provision
Art.2 Article 2.
Art.2.1x With a view to the protection of plaice, the minimum length for such fish is fixed at 257 mm. counted from the tip of the snout to that of the caudal fin.
Art.3 Article 3.
Art.3.1x In the zone to which the Convention applies, plaice not being of the minimum length prescribed in Article 2 shall not be killed, kept on board, taken away or landed in ports or on the coasts of this zone, or transported thither by ship or ferry, or sold or transported thence elsewhere.
Art.4 Article 4.
Art.4.1x The Contracting States shall take suitable steps to ensure that their fishermen, when they have caught plaice of a length less than the minimum fixed, shall at once return them to the sea, taking the precautions necessary to ensure that they may remain alive.
Art.5 Article 5.
Art.5.1x The provisions of Articles 2, 3 and 4 shall not apply to plaice caught in the sheltered waters (indenskaers) of the Norwegian and Swedish coasts of the Skagerak and landed there for consumption by the fishermen themselves. Nor shall the said provisions apply to plaice of the minimum length referred to below, caught in the North Sea and landed within the periods fixed hereinafter on the Danish coast between the Tversted buoy and Hanstholm for immediate despatch abroad:
Art.5.1x.ax 225 mm. from October 1st to the last day of February inclusive, and 240 mm. during the rest of the year.
Art.6 Article 6.
Art.6.1x The Contracting States undertake immediately to take the necessary measures to ensure the carrying out of the present Convention and to inform one another of the measures in question.