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Paragraphs in "Treaty Concerning The Archipelago Of Spitsbergen" coded as TEXT

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Art.10 Article 10
Art.10.1x Until the recognition by the High Contracting Parties of a Russian Government shall permit Russia to adhere to the present Treaty, Russian nationals and companies shall enjoy the same rights as nationals of the High Contracting Parties.
Art.10.2x Claims in the territories specified in Article 1 which they may have to put forward shall be presented under the conditions laid down in the present Treaty (Article 6 and Annex) through the intermediary of the Danish Government, who declare their willingness to lend their good offices for this purpose.
Art.10.3x The present Treaty, of which the French and English texts are both authentic, shall be ratified.
Art.10.4x Ratifications shall be deposited at Paris as soon as possible.
Art.10.5x Powers of which the seat of the Government it outside Europe may confine their action to informing the Government of the French Republic, through their diplomatic representative at Paris, that their ratification has been given, and in this case they shall transmit the instrument as soon as possible.
Art.10.6x The present Treaty will come into force, in so far as the stipulations of Article 8 are concerned, from the date of its ratifications by all the signatory Powers; and in all other respects on the same date as the mining regulations provided for in that Article.
Art.10.7x Third Powers will be invited by the Government of the French Republic to adhere to the present Treaty duly ratified. This adhesion shall be effected by a communication addressed to the French Government, which will undertake to notify the other Contracting Parties.