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Paragraphs in "Convention For The Protection Of Birds Useful To Agriculture" coded as IMPL

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Art.1 Article 1.
Art.1.1x Birds useful to agriculture, particularly the insect-eaters and namely those birds enumerated in the first Schedule attached to the present Convention (which Schedule the Parliaments of the several countries may enlarge by additions) shall be unconditionally protected by a prohibition forbidding them to be killed in any way whatsoever, as well as the destruction of their nests, eggs and broods.
Art.1.2x Until such time as this result shall be completely realised, the high contracting parties bind themselves to take, or to propose to their Parliaments to take, all such measures as are necessary to carry the resolutions contained in the following clauses into effect.
Art.6 Art. 6
Art.6.1x The respective authorities may give exceptional, temporary licences to the owners of vineyards, orchards and gardens, of nurseries, afforested ground or cornfields or to the cultivators of the same or to individuals entrusted with the control of the same, for the shooting of birds whose presence is harmful and causes real damage.
Art.6.2x However, the sale or offering for sale of birds shot under such circumstances shall be forbidden.