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Paragraphs in "Additional Protocol Concerning Compensation For Loss And Damage And For The Works To Be Carried Out By Finland In Connection With The Implementation Of The Agreement Concerning The Regulation Of Lake Inari By Means Of The Kaitakoski Hydroelectric Power Station And Dam" coded as AMND

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Art.3 Article 3
Art.3.1x If, in the light of experience in the operation of the Kaitakoski hydro-electric power station and dam or in timber-floating, or in connexion with the construction and operation of any new electric power stations or dams on the river Paatsjoki, it is found necessary to amend the Regulations referred to in article 2 of this Agreement, such amendments shall be made by agreement between the Ministry of Electric Power Station Construction of the USSR, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Finland. These Ministries are hereafter referred to in this Agreement and the attached Regulations as " the USSR Ministry ", " the Norwegian Ministry " and " the Finnish Ministry " respectively.