IEADB Agreement List

Notes: 1) Unknown dates designated as '0000-00-00'
2) Text for some agreements is available in multiple languages, which can be accessed by clicking on the IEA# link.
3) Inclusion code: 1st letter: B-Bilateral / M-Multilateral / O-Other; 2nd letter: E-Env'l / N-Non-Env'l / u=uncoded; 3rd letter: A-Agreement / N-Non-Agreement [Non-BEA/non-MEAs are included as an artefact of collecting "likely" IEAs that were found not to fit the IEADB's definitions (ie, inclusion/exclusion rules)]

IEA# (click for add'l info) Inclusion Signature Year Signature Date Date IEA entered into force Agreement Name Treaty Text Members Agreement Type (level 2) Lineage Sequence in lineage Data Articles, etc. Secretariat UNEP Info
8937 MEA 2017 2017-05-05 2018-12-18 Amendments to Annexes A and C to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (listing of decabromodiphenyl ether, short-chain chlorinated paraffins, hexachlorobutadiene) Treaty Text** Members Amendment Persistent Organic Pollutants 100.060 Data Lit UNEP Chemicals