Agreement List

Agreements, protocols, and amendments in the "Kunene" lineage.

IEA# (click for add'l info) Inclusion Signature Year Signature Date Date IEA entered into force Agreement Name Treaty Text Members Agreement Type (level 2) Lineage Sequence in lineage Data Articles, etc. Secretariat UNEP Info
63 BEA 1926 1926-11-13 1928-02-14 Agreement Regulating The Use Of The Waters Of The Kunene River For The Purposes Of Generating Hydraulic Power And Of Inundation And Irrigation In The Mandated Territory Of South West Africa Members Agreement Kunene 100.000 Data Lit Secretariat not yet identified
1912 BEA 1964 1964-10-13 Agreement In Regard To Rivers Of Mutual Interest And The Kunene River Scheme Members Agreement Kunene 200.000 Data Lit Secretariat not yet identified
300 BEA 1969 1969-01-21 Agreement In Regard To The First Phase Of Development Of The Water Resources Of The Kunene River Basin Treaty Text** Members Agreement Kunene 300.000 Data Lit Secretariat not yet identified