Literature Relevant to Various Lineages

The selections below are intended as starting points for research on a lineage. Keep the following caveats in mind:

  • Literature included is primarily literature known to the Project Director that either analyzes the influence of agreements in the lineage (i.e., investigates "regime effectiveness") or provides useful background.
  • The literature referenced here is QUITE limited. I hope to include literature for more lineages over time and welcome suggestions. This is NOT intended as a comprehensive database of literature but simply as 5 to 10 places to start research.
  • Inclusion of articles in this database are not intended as endorsements of the views or arguments of the authors.
  • Know of literature that is not listed? Please suggest it.
Lineage Full Citation External Source, if any
Prior Informed Consent Chemicals and Pesticides

Downie, David. 2013. "Stratospheric ozone depletion." In The Routledge handbook of global environmental politics. New York: Routledge.

Prior Informed Consent Chemicals and Pesticides

Paarlberg, Robert L. 1993. "Managing pesticide use in developing countries." In Institutions for the earth: sources of effective international environmental protection, ed. P. Haas, R. O. Keohane and M. Levy. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.309-50.

Prior Informed Consent Chemicals and Pesticides

Victor, David G. 1998. ""Learning by doing" in the nonbinding international regime to manage trade in hazardous chemicals and pesticides." In The implementation and effectiveness of international environmental commitments: theory and practice, ed. D. G. Victor, K. Raustiala and E. B. Skolnikoff. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.221-82.