Literature Relevant to Various Lineages

The selections below are intended as starting points for research on a lineage. Keep the following caveats in mind:

  • Literature included is primarily literature known to the Project Director that either analyzes the influence of agreements in the lineage (i.e., investigates "regime effectiveness") or provides useful background.
  • The literature referenced here is QUITE limited. I hope to include literature for more lineages over time and welcome suggestions. This is NOT intended as a comprehensive database of literature but simply as 5 to 10 places to start research.
  • Inclusion of articles in this database are not intended as endorsements of the views or arguments of the authors.
  • Know of literature that is not listed? Please suggest it.
Lineage Full Citation External Source, if any
North Pacific Halibut

Clark, William G. 2003. "A model for the world: 80 years of model development and application at the International Pacific Halibut Commission." Natural Resource Modeling 16 (4):491-503.

North Pacific Halibut

Crutchfield, James Andrew, and Arnold Zellner, eds. 2003. The economics of marine resources and conservation policy: the Pacific Halibut case study with commentary. Chicago: University of Chicago.

North Pacific Halibut

Herrmann, Mark, and Keith Criddle. 2006. "An econometric market model for the Pacific halibut fishery." Marine Resource Economics 21:129-58.

North Pacific Halibut

Lugten, G.L. 1995. "Canada/EU: fisheries war for the halibut." Environmental Policy and Law 25 (4/5):223.