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United Nations General Assembly Resolution 49/436 on Large-Scale Pelagic Drift-net Fishing and Its Impact on the Living Marine Resources of the World's Oceans and Seas, New York, 1994


Done at New York 19 December 1994
Primary source citation: Copy of text provided by the United Nations


United Nations General Assembly Decision 49/436 (1994) 49/436. Large-scale pelagic drift-net fishing and its impact on the living marine resources of the world's oceans and seas Date: 19 December 1994 Meeting: 92 Adopted without a vote

The General Assembly, on the recommendation of the Second Committee, recalling its decision 48/445 of 21 December 1993, and taking note with appreciation of the report of the Secretary-General on large-scale pelagic drift-net fishing, decided:


To reaffirm the importance it attaches to compliance with its resolution 46/215 of 20 December 1991, in particular, to those provisions of the resolution calling for full implementation of a global moratorium on all large-scale pelagic drift-net fishing on the high seas of the world's oceans and seas, including enclosed seas and semi-enclosed seas;


To acknowledge and express its appreciation of the measures taken and the substantial progress achieved since 1992, individually and collectively, by members of the international community, international organizations and regional economic integration organizations to implement and support the objectives of its resolution 46/215;


To express further serious concern that, despite the measures taken and the progress made, there are reports of continuing conduct and activities inconsistent with the terms of its resolution 46/215, and to urge authorities of members of the international community to take greater enforcement responsibility to ensure full compliance with resolution 46/215 and to impose appropriate sanctions, consistent with international law, against acts contrary to the terms of the resolution;


To call upon all members of the international community, intergovernmental organizations, regional economic integration organizations and appropriate non-governmental organizations to provide the Secretary-General with information relevant to the implementation of resolution 46/215, and to request the Secretary-General to take into account the present decision in preparing his report, in accordance with decision 48/445, on further developments relating to the implementation of resolution 46/215.