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Agreement Concerning Co-operation to Ensure Compliance with the Regulations for Preventing the Pollution of the Sea by Oil, Copenhagen, 1967


Done at Copenhagen 8 December 1967

Entered into force 8 January 1968

Depositary: Denmark

Primary source citation: 620 UNTS 233


AGREEMENT BETWEEN DENMARK, FINLAND, NORWAY AND SWEDEN CONCERNING CO-OPERATION TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH THE REGULATIONS FOR PREVENTING THE POLLUTION OF THE SEA BY OIL. The Governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, desiring, through co-operation with each other, to ensure compliance with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil and with the national regulations in force in this matter, have agreed as follows:

Article 1

One Contracting State shall forthwith inform the competent authority of another Contracting State of the sighting of any considerable amount of oil on the sea which is apt to drift towards the territory of the latter State.

Article 2

One Contracting State shall inform the competent authority of another Contracting State of any case where a vessel registered in the latter State has been observed committing an offence, within the territorial or adjacent waters of the Contracting States, against the regulations concerning pollution by oil.

Article 3

The Contracting States shall furnish assistance to each other in the investigation of offences against the regulations concerning pollution by oil which are presumed to have been committed within the territorial or adjacent waters of the Contracting States.

Such assistance may include inspection of the oil record book, the ship's official log-book and the engine-room log, the taking of oil samples and so on.

Article 4

The Contracting States shall each year exchange information on the more important cases of oil pollution observed within the territorial waters of the respective States and on what measures were taken in each particular case.

Article 5

The Contracting States shall also exchange information concerning:


the existence and the construction of facilities for the reception of oily residues from ships;


national regulations and other circumstances which have a bearing on the prevention of oil pollution;


the authorities of the respective Contracting States to which information in pursuance of this Agreement is to be transmitted.

Article 6

If one of the Contracting States desires to denounce the Agreement, written notice to that effect shall be given to the Danish Government, which shall forthwith inform the other Contracting States of the denunciation and of the date of receipt of the notice.

A denunciation shall apply only to the State giving notice and shall take effect twelve months after its receipt by the Danish Government or at such later date as may be specified in the notice.

Article 7

The Agreement shall be deposited with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and certified copies thereof shall be transmitted by the said Ministry to the Government of each of the Contracting States.

Article 8

The Agreement shall come into force one month after its signature.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the respective plenipotentiaries have signed this Agreement.

DONE at Copenhagen on 8 December 1967 in a single copy in the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish languages, all texts being equally authentic.