Volume(s) 1-3; pages 1568-1569



Amendments to the Schedule to the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, Bournemouth, 1987


Done at Bournemouth 26 June 1987

Entered into force 7 October 1987

Primary source citation: International Whaling Commission Circular Communication RG/VJH/16599, 9 July 1987


International Whaling Commission The Red House, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge CB4 4NP Telephone: Histon (022023) 3971 Telex: 817960

Chairman Mr. I.L.C. Stewart (New Zealand) Vice-Chairman Mr. M.T. Haddon (United Kingdom) Secretary Dr. Ray Gambell

9 July 1987

Our Ref. RG/VJH/ 16599

CIRCULAR COMMUNICATION TO CONTRACTING GOVERNMENTS International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, 1946 Amendments to the Schedule

At its 39th Annual Meeting, held in Bournemouth, UK, 22-26 June 1987, the International Whaling Commission adopted the following amendments to the Schedule (changes underlined):

1. Replace the text of sub-paragraph 13(b)(1)(i) by the following:

‘For the year 1987, 32 whales may be struck. For the year 1988, 35 whales may be struck.’

2. Amend the date in sub-paragraph 13(b)(2) to 1988.

3. Amend Table 1 to reflect the aboriginal catch limit of 110 for the West Greenland stock of minke whales, with a footnote ‘Available to be taken by aborigines pursuant to paragraph 13(b)(3).’

4. Add a new sub-paragraph 13(b)(4) to read as follows:

‘For the seasons 1987/88 to 1989/90 the taking of 3 humpback whales each season is permitted by Bequians of St Vincent and the Grenadines, but only when the meat and products of such whales are to be used exclusively for local consumption in St Vincent and the Grenadines.’

Footnote 2 reads: ‘Each year this figure will be reviewed and if necessary amended on the basis of the advice of the Scientific Committee.’

5. Revise paragraphs 11 and 12 and Tables 1, 2 and 3 by substitution of the dates 1987/88 pelagic season, 1988 coastal season, 1988 season, or 1988 as appropriate.

These amendments become effective with respect to each Contracting Government ninety days following the date of this letter, in accordance with Article V of the Convention, unless any Contracting Government lodges an objection, in which case the procedure under Article V, paragraph 3 of the Convention will be followed.

The ninety days period will expire on 7 October 1987. In the absence of objections by that date the amendments will become effective. Contracting Governments will be notified accordingly.

Contracting Governments are reminded that Article V paragraph 3 of the Convention requires them to acknowledge receipt of this notification of amendments, a copy of which is being sent to each Commissioner.

Dr R. Gambell Secretary to the Commission