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Amendments to the Schedule to the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, Brighton, 1981


Done at Brighton 25 July 1981

Entered into force 10 November 1981 except for those Amendments which entered into force 8 February 1982 and 8 March 1982, respectively

Primary source citation: International Whaling Commission Circular Communication RG/EE/4008, 11 August 1981


International Whaling Commission The Red House, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB4 4NP Telephone: 022023 3971 Telegrams: Interwhale Cambridge Telex: 817960

Chairman E. Iglesias (Argentina) Vice-Chairman E. Lemche (Denmark) Secretary Dr. Ray Gambell

11 August 1981

Our Ref. RG/EE/4008

CIRCULAR COMMUNICATION TO CONTRACTING GOVERNMENTS International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, 1946 Amendments to the Schedule

At its 33rd Annual Meeting held in Brighton, 20-25 July 1981, the International Whaling Commission agreed to the following amendments to the Schedule:

A. SUBSTANTIVE AMENDMENTS (changes and new wording underlined)

1. Paragraph 6. Add new wording as follows:

The killing for commercial purposes of minke whales using the cold grenade harpoon shall be forbidden from the beginning of the 1982/83 pelagic and the 1983 coastal seasons.

2. Paragraph 9 (d). Revise as follows:

Geographical boundaries in the North Pacific for Bryde's whale stocks:

East China Sea Stock West of the Ryuku Island chain

Western Stock West of the 160W meridian of longitude (excluding the East China Sea stock area)

Eastern Stock East of the 160W meridian of longitude (excluding the Peruvian stock area)

3. Paragraph 9 (e). Revise as follows:

Geographical boundaries for Bryde's whales stocks in the Southern Hemisphere

Southern Indian Ocean 20E to 130E south of the Equator

Peruvian [unchanged]

Solomon Islands 150E to 170E 20S to the Equator

Eastern South Pacific 150W to 70W south of the Equator (excluding the Peruvian stock area)

Western South Pacific 130E to 150W South of the Equator (excluding the Solomon Islands stock area)

South Atlantic 20W to 70E south of the Equator

South African Inshore 30nm seawards of the south east coast of South Africa from 25S latitude down and around the coast to 25E longitude.

4. Paragraph 11. Revise as follows:

The number of baleen whales taken in the Southern Hemisphere in the 1981/82 pelagic season and the 1982 coastal season shall not exceed the limits shown in Tables 1 and 2. However, in no circumstances shall the sum of the Area catches exceed the total catch limit for each species.

5. Paragraph 12. Revise as follows:

The number of baleen whales taken in the North Pacific Ocean and dependent waters in 1982 and in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1982 shall not exceed the limits shown in Tables 1 and 2.

6. Tables 1 and 2. Amend as shown in Appendix 1. 7. New Paragraph 16, to replace existing Paragraphs 16 and 17. Catch limits for sperm whales of both sexes shall be set at zero in the Southern Hemisphere for the 1981/82 pelagic season and 1982 coastal seasons and following seasons, and at zero in the Northern Hemisphere for the 1982 and following coastal seasons; except that the catch limits for the 1982 coastal season and following seasons in the Western Division of the North Pacific shall remain undetermined and subject to decision by the Commission following special or annual meetings of the Scientific Committee. These limits shall remain in force until such time as the Commission, on the basis of the scientific information which will be reviewed annually, decides otherwise in accordance with the procedures followed at that time by the Commission.

8. Table 3. Amend as shown in Appendix 1. B. CONSEQUENTIAL AMENDMENTS

1. Paragraph 9 (a). Amend to read:

Areas relating to Southern Hemisphere baleen whales except Bryde's whales are those waters between the ice-edge and the Equator and between the meridians of longitude listed in Tables 1 and 2. 2. Renumber all paragraphs from 18 onwards, and make consequential changes to paragraph numbers referred to in

sub-Paragraph 19 (a)-delete reference to paragraph 17. sub-Paragraph 24 (a)-sub-paragraph 21 (b) to read 20 (b) sub-Paragraph 24 (b)-paragraph 24 to read 23


Paragraphs 7 and 8. All latitudes and longitudes to read in the style 100E, 55S etc.

These amendments become effective with respect to each Contracting Government ninety days following the date of this letter, in accordance with Article V of the Convention, unless any Contracting Government lodges an objection, in which case the procedure under Article V, paragraph 3 of the Convention will be followed.

The ninety days period will expire on 9 November 1981. In the absence of objections by that date the amendments will become effective. Contracting Governments will be notified accordingly.

Contracting Governments are reminded that Article V paragraph 3 of the Convention requires them to acknowledge receipt of this notification of amendments, a copy of which is being sent to each Commissioner.

Dr. R. Gambell Secretary to the Commission