Volume(s) 1-3; pages 1437-1438



Amendments to the Schedule to the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, London, 1956


Done at London 20 July 1956

Entered into force 1 November 1956

Primary source citation: 8 UST 69, TIAS 3739


INTERNATIONAL WHALING COMMISSION 3, WHITEHALL PLACE, LONDON, S. W. 1 Telephone: TRAFALGAR 7711 (Extension 383) Chairman: Dr. G. J. LIENESCH (Netherlands) Vice-Chairman: R. G. R. WALL (U.K.) Secretary: A.T. A. DOBSON (U.K.)


Ref. No. AS VIII

Circular to all Contracting Governments and Commissioners. Amendments to the Schedule, Eighth Meeting


I beg to refer to my circular of 23rd July, 1956, (and subsequent circular of 2nd August, 1956) on the above subject and to say that the ninety day period referred to therein expired at midnight (24.00 hours) on 31st October, 1956. Up to that time no objections had been received to the amendments to the Schedule (Paragraphs 8 (a) and 8 (c)) set out in those circulars. These amendments come automatically into operation therefore from the date of this circular (1st November, 1956). The paragraphs as amended now read as follows:-

Paragraph 8 (a):

(a) The number of baleen whales taken during the open season caught in waters south of 49 South Latitude by whale catchers attached to factory ships under the jurisdiction of the Contracting Governments shall not exceed fifteen thousand blue whale units in any one season, provided that in the season 1956/57 the number of baleen whales taken as aforesaid shall not exceed fourteen thousand five hundred blue whale units.

Paragraph 8 (c):

(c) Notification shall be given in accordance with the provisions of Article VII of the Convention, within two days after the end of each calendar week, of data on the number of blue whale units taken in any waters south of 40 South Latitude by all whale catchers attached to factory ships under the jurisdiction of each Contracting Government; provided that when the number of blue whale units is deemed by the Bureau of International Whaling Statistics to have reached 13,500 (but 13,000 in the season 1956/57) notification shall be given as aforesaid at the end of each day of data on the number of blue whale units taken.

A revised copy of the Schedule to the Convention, 1946, containing the two paragraphs as amended, will be printed and sent to you as soon as possible, in accordance with the standing directions of the Commission.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,

A. T. A. DOBSON Secretary to the Commission