Volume(s) 1-3; pages 1144-1145



Amendments to the Constitution of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 1973


Done at Rome 16 and 26 November 1973

Amendment to Article V entered into force 16 November 1973; amendment to Article XIV entered into force 26 November 1973

Primary source citation: 25 UST 928, TIAS 7836


Amendments to the FAO Constitution Adopted by the Seventeenth Session of the Conference of the Organization

(Rome, 10-29 November 1973) (Words between square brackets to be deleted and words underlined to be added)

ARTICLE V Council of the Organization

1. A Council of the Organization consisting of [thirty-four] forty-two Member Nations shall be elected by the Conference. Each Member Nation on the Council shall have one representative and shall have only one vote. Each member of the Council may appoint alternates, associates and advisers to its representative. The Council may determine the conditions for the participation of alternates, associates and advisers in its proceedings, but any such participation shall be without the right to vote, except in the case of an alternate, associate or adviser participating in the place of a representative. No representative may represent more than one member of the Council. The tenure and other conditions of office of the members of the Council shall be subject to rules made by the Conference.

ARTICLE XIV Conventions and agreements

1. ....

2. ....

3. Conventions, agreements, and supplementary conventions and agreements shall:

(a) ....

(b) contain provisions concerning the Member Nations of the Organization, and such non-member [Nations] States as are members of the United Nations, any of its Specialized Agencies or the International Atomic Energy Agency which may become parties thereto and the number of acceptances by Member Nations necessary to bring such convention, agreement, supplementary convention or agreement into force, and thus ensure that it will constitute a real contribution to the achievement of its objectives. In the case of conventions, agreements, supplementary conventions and agreements establishing commissions or committees, participation by non-member [Nations] States of the Organization that are members of the United Nations, any of its Specialized Agencies or the International Atomic Energy Agency shall in addition be subject to prior approval by at least two-thirds of the membership of such commissions or committees;

Amendments adopted by Resolutions 8/73 and 10/73 of 16 and 26 November 1973, respectively.