MEAs to which Russian Federation (Soviet period) has taken membership actions

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Summary Statistics

Actions taken on 15 Agreements including:
2 Signatures
1 Ratification, Accession, Succession, or Similars
2 Entry Into Forces
3 Entry Into Force (Tacit Acceptance); Status based on pre-amendment agreement action of Entry into forces
mitch_id Agreement Signature Inclusion Agreement Name Agreement Termination (if any) Signatures Ratifications (or similar) Entry into force 1st Withdrawal (or similar) Rejoining after 1st withdrawal 2nd Withdrawal (or similar) Rejoining after 2nd withdrawal Entry Into Force (Tacit Acceptance) - Objection Entry Into Force (Tacit Acceptance) - Removal of Objection
2600 1921-10-25 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Convention Concerning The Use Of White Lead In Painting (IEA ID# 2600) 1991-10-10 1991-10-10
53 1922-10-21 BEA - Bilateral Environmental Agreements Convention Between Finland And Russia Regarding Fishing And Sealing In The Territorial Waters Of Both Countries, In The Arctic Ocean (IEA ID# 53) 1922-10-21 1924-7-2
54 1922-10-28 BEA - Bilateral Environmental Agreements Convention Between Finland And Russia With Regard To Fishing And Sealing On Lake Ladoga (IEA ID# 54) 1922-10-28 1924-7-2
3607 1967-01-27 MNA Treaty On Principles Governing The Activities Of States In The Exploration And Use Of Outer Space Including The Moon And Other Celestial Bodies (IEA ID# 3607) 1967-1-27 1967-10-10 1967-10-10
3609 1968-04-22 MNA Agreement On The Rescue Of Astronauts, The Return Of Astronauts And The Return Of Objects Launched Into Outer Space (IEA ID# 3609) 1968-4-22 1968-12-3 1969-1-10
3610 1968-07-01 MNA Treaty On The Non-Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons (IEA ID# 3610) 1968-7-1 1970-3-5 1970-3-5
3769 1971-02-11 MuA Treaty On The Prohibition Of The Emplacement Of Nuclear Weapons And Other Weapons Of Mass Destruction On The Seabed And The Ocean Floor And In The Subsoil Thereof (IEA ID# 3769) 1971-2-11 1972-5-18 1972-5-18
3774 1972-03-29 MuA Convention On International Liability For Damage Caused By Space Objects (IEA ID# 3774) 1972-3-29 1973-10-9 1973-10-9
3622 1974-11-01 MNA International Convention For The Safety Of Life At Sea (IEA ID# 3622) 1980-1-9 1980-5-25
2893 1979-05-10 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Additional Protocol To The European Convention For The Protection Of Animals During International Transport (IEA ID# 2893) 1991-5-14
3053 1989-10-17 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Amendments To Annex V Regarding The North Sea Special Area To The International Convention For The Prevention Of Pollution From Ships (IEA ID# 3053) 1991-2-18
4007 1990-06-29 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Adjustment To The Montreal Protocol On Substances That Deplete The Ozone Layer (IEA ID# 4007) 1991-3-7
3086 1991-02-25 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Convention On Environmental Impact Assessment In A Transboundary Context (IEA ID# 3086) 1991-6-6
3092 1991-05-31 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Amendments To The Schedule To The International Convention For The Regulation Of Whaling, Forty-Third Meeting (IEA ID# 3092) 1991-9-8
3103 1991-10-04 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Protocol On Environmental Protection To The Antarctic Treaty (IEA ID# 3103) 1991-10-4